Clumsy Dad Tries Out Home Water Slide And Slips Straight Into Pool

June 19, 2018

Have you ever tried mimicking someone’s actions, but you end up failing it? I sure did! I remember the funny situation in my Latin class back in high school that perfectly describes what I’m talking about. We had an oral exam, and we had to change some verbs into a specific tense. And my friend was first in the line to take the exam. I knew she didn’t study for it. In fact, for the whole week, we were procrastinating watching various TV shows.

However, she was looking absolutely composed and self-confident. She started changing the verbs, but she was mumbling. You couldn’t possibly determine what she was talking about. LOL! And the professor seemed not to mind this. I knew what was the catch. We had a really old professor who must have been afraid to admit she doesn’t hear well. LOL! So my friend finished the exam smoothly. Even though she didn’t know the most about it. Hilarious! I think it will be remembered as the greatest cheat in the history of our friends.

However, when I tried the same I failed. I looked so stupid. Maybe it was because my expression was not as confident as my friends were. I always think about this memory as something that can be a cool metaphor for life. Just don’t try to be a copycat! If you want to succeed in something, do it your own way!

Like I tried copying my friend, this dad wanted to copy his daughter’s moves. The video starts with a cute little girl jumping from a slide and into the pool. We see her making her jump perfectly. However, when her dad came, that’s where all the fun began. He tried to copy his little girl by climbing on a slide. But while he was climbing it as he fell! LOL! Never have I thought I will be laughing at the sight of a grown-up man trying to copy little girl. I’m so so glad I found this video. Made my day really. And as I said before, never copy other people’s moves. You’ll fail! However, if you decide to be a copycat, you better practice it! LOL!

Do you have a funny video of your dad trying to copy your actions? We can’t wait to see it. Just click on the upload button HERE.

But first, don’t forget to watch this hilarious video below.

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