Clumsy Kitten Tries To Play The Piano With Her Owner

May 17, 2018

We love the playfulness of little kittens and their boundless curiosity in trying to explore the world that they find themselves in. The tiny black and white cat in this video is sitting on her owner’s keyboard while he plays some classical music. She attempts to follow along with him as he plays, though it does not quite work out for her as in the end she accidentally falls off of the keyboard when she attempts to lay down.

Dogs seem to enjoy classical music and some more soothing songs, but do cats enjoy people music? We didn’t know so we looked it up. According to an article we found through PBS, cats do like music but they don’t like human music. Apparently, one study found that cats enjoy species-specific music. But how does that work? The idea is that cats will listen to music that is composed in a way that mimics how cats communicate with one another. This means that the music needs to be similar in tempo and frequency that cats naturally use to connect.

You can actually listen to some songs that researchers got a composer to make that fit into cat communication parameters. Just look for the titles “Cozmo’s Air”, “Spook’s Ditty”, and “Rusty’s Ballad”. Researchers tested cats with these songs against Bach’s “Air on a G String” and Gabriel Faure’s “Elegie”. It turns out that cats preferred the songs made for cats by the composer. Interestingly, middle-aged cats were not as interested in any of the music but young cats and older cats were totally into it. We do recommend that you look up the cat songs because they are surprisingly soothing!

Do you have cats that enjoy playing around on instruments? Share with us. Upload HERE. But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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