Confused Cat Watches Squirrels On Laptop

May 16, 2018

Not all animals can or recognize what is happening on televisions or computer screens. Some pets can and do watch televisions. Thus, we have this video of a cat sitting on a laptop and watching videos of squirrels. The cat thinks that the squirrels are really close to her. I wonder if the cat thinks that the laptop screen is window. Because the squirrel on screen is really close to the cat.

We do love that the cat tries to find the squirrel when it runs off the screen. Her confused look as she goes behind the laptop is pretty good. Did you know that cats and dogs don’t watch television in the same way that humans watch? And between cat and dog breeds there are different eye types that can help or hinder their ability to see the TV in a way that lets them view it. Part of it is that dogs and cats don’t see the motion of the images that are flickering across the screen. Instead, they tend to see individual images.

That said, as televisions have gotten better in the last few years it has created a better attraction for cats. This is because the images are flashing across the screen at a faster rate than older CRT televisions. Cats especially like fast moving objects on TVs because it looks like prey that cats are instinctually driven to go after. Of course, this could include other things like speeding cars or anything other speeding object. Though cats can recognize fake animals on TV they do have a hard time not realizing that real animals on TV aren’t actually right there. Hence this cat’s confusion.

Do you have funny videos of cats or other pets interacting with technology? Share with us. Upload HERE. But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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