Confused Guard Dog Ferociously Attacks Hammock While Owner Swings In It

June 13, 2018

Has your dog ever become disproportionately angry at an inanimate object? Sometimes dogs really take out their aggression on random little things. Like a hamburger shaped squeaky toy, or one of those rope toys, or a dishrag in the kitchen. And this video is no exception. The pug in this video really hates this hammock! Despite his owner swinging in the hammock, this dog is trying to rip it to shreds. He’s not making much progress but that won’t stop him.

I wonder what about this hammock is angering the dog so much. Maybe the fact that it’s moving, gently swaying in the breeze really bothers him? Either way he has deemed this hammock public enemy number one. I wonder how long it’s going to take him to make any progress tearing apart the ropes this hammock. At the rate he’s going, I’m guessing maybe by Christmas he will have undone one of the loops.

I love watching dogs get mad because they’re so cute when they get mad. We’re used to seeing dogs in the most social and cheerful settings. When we come home from work, they’re at the door ready to greet us. They’re always ready to play. You could wake your dog up in the middle the night with a rope toy and he would instantly be ready to play! But they can turn that cheerfulness on a dime. All of a sudden, once something becomes an enemy, they become all business! And that’s where a video like this comes from. That dog is convinced he must kill this hammock! His life, and the lives of his loved ones, depends on it.

It would be kind of annoying to be swinging in a hammock that your dog is actively gnawing on. What are you supposed to do, stop swinging so he can he chew on it some more? Normally I would say we shouldn’t steep to their level like that. That’s probably what the dog would prefer but the owner is too busy laughing his butt off at the silly, adorable face the dog is making while chewing on the hammock. What a better way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon, than in your hammock in the backyard while watching your dog try to destroy it.

Who knows how much longer this dog tried to make progress on the hammock. Maybe just a few minutes, maybe he is still chewing on it as we speak. Dogs don’t give up very early, we know that. Their attention spans might be short but they’re certainly no quitters. Either way, we tip our hat to this ferocious guard dog. He might not be good at picking and choosing actual threats to the household, but he sure is good at attacking things!

Do you have a video of your dog not having it? That is, getting really angry at an inanimate object. If so, please send it to us HERE! But first, do not forget to watch the amazing video below!

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