Coolest Grandma Ever Draws Face On Chin And Cracks Up When Dentures Fall Out While Singing

May 17, 2018

Now that’s what I call having fun with dentures! There aren’t a ton of upsides to having dentures. Except getting a hearty laugh every time they fall out!

Boy oh boy, when I become a grandpa, I can only hope to be one half as much fun as this grandma! It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, and this grandma decided to paint a face on her chin. “For what reason would someone do that?” you ask. So they can record her “fake face” singing classic songs. Trust me, it’ll make even more sense when you watch the video below!

She covers the rest of her face with blankets, so all that’s revealed is the face on her chin and those pearly white chompers. Speaking of which, not but a few seconds into the recording, her dentures fail and wobble loose! She’s singing rather beautifully when all of a sudden we hear that familiar rattling of loose dentures get in the way of the lyrics. Rest assured, it doesn’t take long for her to put them right back into place and pick up the song where she left off.

Also, the eyes of the face are perfectly drawn in a “shocked” expression such that they accurately fit the emotion of having your dentures drop out. Consider this, most people are embarrassed when their dentures fall out. But not this grandma! Who gives a hoot, just keep on singing. I’m pretty sure this video makes her the coolest grandma in the whole world. In a weird way, she actually makes me look forward to getting dentures! We salute you, cool grandma!

Do you have a video of your dentures failing on you? Or a wardrobe fail perhaps? If so, send them to us HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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