Adoptable Dogs Roam Free in Costa Rican Park

April 7, 2016

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Dog lovers rejoice! There is a heaven on Earth for adoptable dogs, and it is called Territorio De Zaguates, which means the Land of the Strays. This holy place for dogs is located in Costa Rica and has hundreds of dogs that roam free all over the park area! It is open for tourists, so if you are a real dog lover who’s looking for a perfect vacation spot, this is probably the best possible destination for you.
Hundreds of Adoptable Dogs Waiting to Be Taken Home!

This Costa Rican park is actually volunteer-run shelter for dogs which welcomes people to have fun with the dogs! You can go on hikes with the dogs, cuddle with them, and have a never-ending playtime with an entire pack of dogs. If you find yourself getting particularly attached to one of the adorable dogs in the park, the great news is that you can take him or her with you. One of the awesome aspects of the shelter program at Land of the Strays is that every single one of the dogs that reside there is eligible for adoption. Just when you thought that a vacation in doggy heaven couldn’t get any better, it does when you find out you can take one of these adorable pups back home with you!

Costa Rican dog parkThis Costa Rican park has been taken over by hundreds of dogs.

Posted by INSIDER on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

These dogs actually have quite the life, getting to roam free in the beautiful hills and forests of Costa Rica while also getting to play with hundreds of visitors who have come to see them! But for the pups that do get adopted and get to go home with one of the many visitors, as much as they loved the great outdoors, we’re sure that they’ll get accustomed to the plush life at home just as well! Just as this dog HERE who loves to sleep in his owner’s bed!

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