Couple Capsizes Sailboat But Never Lets Go Of Beer Can

May 17, 2018

Sailing boats are so much fun! Not only do they represent a great way of transportation, but they also provide you with lots and lots of fun. Can you imagine a better way to enjoy a hot summer day? For me, the best thing would be spending it on a boat with a group of friends and family.

And the couple from this video sure seems to agree with me on this one! However, no matter how exciting boat sailing might be, it sure isn’t a fail-proof activity! And that’s exactly what this video proves!

It’s a beautiful sunny day, and this couple is spending it sailing in the open sea. It looks like they are having the best time ever! And to be completely honest, I’m a little jealous of them! However, their dreamlike activity is about to be interrupted. All of a sudden, a huge wave hits the boat! Oh, no! The boat tips over and they end up falling off it! Nobody saw that coming! Absolutely hilarious!

All of them are safe and sound, that’s the most important thing. So we can feel free to laugh out loud at the hilarious situation. And by a hilarious situation, I don’t mean the fact they fell off the boat. What I find hilarious in this video is the fact the girl never let go of the beer can. LOL! I am a beer lover myself, but I don’t know how I would react in a situation like this. My best guess it I would let go of the beer can, but not this girl!

While they were sailing the open sea, she was holding her beer can, and when they fell off the boat it was still in her hand! It’s good when you know what your priorities are. LOL!

Do you have any hilarious sailing videos you would like to share? Upload HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below.

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