Cows Create Mosh Pit When Flocking To Hear Bagpipe Music Up Close

June 13, 2018

I never would’ve guessed that cows loved bagpipe music so much. But this video proves it. The bagpipes are certainly an acquired taste. Some people love the instrument, but probably most of us consider ourselves “neutral” to it. When was last time you heard bagpipe music and rushed to get closer to the speakers? Look, I think it can be a beautiful instrument at times. It’s really great at a funeral playing Amazing Grace! But nine times out of ten, I wouldn’t throw on CD of bagpipe music and rock out on a road trip. But these cows beg to differ.

Here’s a video of a woman playing bagpipes in a field. Why is she playing bagpipes to the cows? It’s a very good question. A question no one has the answer to. Maybe she feels that if she soothes them with bagpipe music, they’ll produce more milk. Maybe she just feels that their lives should be enriched with music. Perhaps she’s a purist, and wants them to be happy and she thinks the way to make them happy is to fill their lives with music. Either way, it’s definitely a little weird that this lady is just playing the bagpipes for no one but cows.

But here’s the best part of the video. The cows love it! Even though she’s playing on the other side of the fence, several class cows flock to hear her play up close. They literally all saunter over to listen to her. I counted six cows, that’s half a dozen want a front row seat to this concert. I wonder if there’s something universal about bagpipe music that appeals to a cow’s brain. Maybe they just really like Scottish music. Are cows originally from Scotland? Probably not, but that’s at least a good theory.

Since cows like bagpipe music, what kind of music do other animals like? Like, what kind of music would you play for your cat? I feel like cats would like classical music, since they’re very low key. I could see dogs really getting into pop music. There’s been more than one AFV video I’ve seen of dogs howling along to Adele songs. It would really be fun to see some cows start mooing to bagpipe music, but perhaps I’m asking for too much for that. Beggars can’t be choosers!

I wonder how the concert ended? I wonder if, after she finished playing, the cows wanted more and started stomping their hooves on the ground. How would a cow convey they want more bagpipe music? Perhaps they just moo a bunch. “Mooooo-re! Mooooo-re!” Either way, this woman is actually quite good at playing her instrument, so we can’t blame the cows for enjoying themselves. Keep up the beautiful music and keep those milk cows happy!

Do you have video of barnyard animals acting in a very strange way? Or rocking out to some music? If so, send it to us HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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