Crafty Dad Pranks Baby Girl With Disappearing Ball Trick

May 16, 2018

Babies aren’t so easy to amuse! They’ll get boring easily, and when they are boring, they aren’t so pleasant to be around.

So, it’s no wonder they always try to spend as much time as possible playing with their offspring. Just like a lovely family in this video.

The mom and dad are sitting on the floor while their little baby girl is running around. They are playing disappearing ball trick. And every time he misses that “hidden” ball, he says “oh-oh!” LOL! Just look how adorable this little fellow is and how much he enjoys this game! I bet he could keep on looking for that ball for hours, making himself and everyone around him so cheerful and lighthearted!

This baby girl won’t get bored any time soon! Good job dad!

You might wonder why a simple game like this is so interesting to a baby. Well, babies, when allowed to explore without adult interference or interruption, are endlessly curious about details of life we have long ago stopped noticing: the corner of the wall molding, dust particles in the sunlight, ceiling fans, and disappearing balls. This may not sound like an adventure to us, but for a baby, a missing ball is worthy of Sherlock Holmes! LOL!

So, if you let your baby roam around, it will never get bored. Every single thing is new and interesting from a baby’s point of view. A baby can have fun with a simple supermarket bag for hours, look at a carpet pattern every day, or try and find a missing ball.

This kid is adorable! I hope she’ll find a ball soon. Maybe after dozens of attempts, she’ll realize it’s right behind her back, in dad’s arms. Or not! Hilarious!

Do you play fun games with your baby? We’d love to see it! Upload your funny video HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the hilarious video below.

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