Hilarious Kid Gets Lego Head Stuck Up His Nose

February 8, 2019

Kids are curious folks, aren’t they? They’ll be playing with legos when all of a sudden, they realize that the lego man head is pretty much the same size as their nostril. Sure, this observation might dawn on an adult as well. But it’s unlikely he or she would actually test their hypothesis in real life. But a kid would! Just like in this video. Don’t worry, no one was harmed in the making of this clip. But it’s possible a lego head might’ve been lost. Check out this hilarious kid gets lego head stuck up his nose!

Trust me, kid. Denying you put it up there in the first place is a dead end street! 

When the video begins, the dad finds his son distraught. The little boy is crying pretty liberally. And before long, we can tell why. There’s clearly a lego head wedged in his nostril. Try not to laugh when you see it for the first time. Trust me, it’s not hard to see because it’s not in too deep. Which will almost certainly make pushing it out much easier. Thank the heavens this kid didn’t really push it all the way in! Then he’d possibly have to make a pit stop in the ER. “How many times have we seen kids with lego heads in their nose today? Three? Four?”

That dad is a pretty good detective, asking all the right questions!

The funniest part of the video is that the dad doesn’t panic at all. Frankly, there’s no reason to panic. But he does meticulously ask his son why there’s a lego head in his nose. At first, his son tries to deny the inevitable. He doesn’t know how it got up there! Maybe the head just flew off the figurine and wedged itself in his nose. Before long, we learn the truth: he tried sticking it in there himself. Lesson learned! Now comes the dirty work of getting it out! Or maybe they’ll get lucky and a sneeze will come along at just the right time.

Where is a sneeze when you need it!?

The other funny part about this video is that the dad asks if it hurts and the boy says no. So then why are you crying? If it doesn’t hurt, I almost don’t even see the problem. Look, I’m not suggesting that people start shoving lego heads up their nose. But maybe we should all experiment a little more with our nostrils! Who knows how long it took the dad to get the lego head out of there. I’m guessing not very long at all. And I’m hoping that’s the last time that kid will stick something small and circular up his nose. Although, you never know, sometimes it takes a few trials and errors before we truly learn our lesson!

Do you have a video like this one? Where your child is caught red handed doing something silly or hilarious? If so, send it HERE!

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