Cute Australian Shepherd Loves To Ride In A Toy Wagon

April 1, 2016

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We can all agree that dog is a man’s best friend. That’s why people should help their canines whenever they can, and the perfect example of a mutual friendship can be seen in this video of a girl which gives a lift to this cute Australian Shepherd. We can’t stop watching this cuteness, can you?
Cute Australian Shepherd Loves To Ride In A Toy Wagon

We’ve seen over the time that dogs really are man’s best friend, but this cute Australian Shepherd and her adorable toddler pal really take the cake! While being dragged around in a tiny wagon might not be this dog’s idea of a good time, he is more than willing to play along if it makes her little girl happy. And boy does it! The giggly toddler can’t get enough of their game!

Even though this cute Australian Shepherd plays great with his little friend, we think that he might prefer to run around in a yard instead of being in this toy wagon. But we know that this dog doesn’t want to miss out on a great adventure with his best friend! Who knows? In a few years, that giggly toddler and her doggy pal could be taking a road trip of their own!

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Source: Giggling toddler pulls Australian Shepherd in toy wagon by polykick on Rumble



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