Dad and Daughter Face Off In The Most Adorable Farting Contest Ever

June 14, 2018

With dads and daughters fun never stops! Just take a look at these two! They are having a blast competing in one of the craziest disciplines ever – farting! Well, not really farting, because we are sure the dad would be a champ there, they are competing in blowing raspberries. And they are both excellent at it!

Did you know that blowing raspberries doesn’t only involve having lots of fun? Producing those funny noises is actually very beneficial for babies because it helps their brain power stimulation. How crazy is that? Either way, making those hilarious noises that sound a lot like fart sounds makes all the babies laugh out loud, and that’s the best thing about it!

How funny are these two? They are taking turns in making those funny noises, and you can tell that they are having the best time ever! So much fun! I’m not sure whether this is a competition, but they are not planning on giving up any time soon! LOL! How adorable is this blowing raspberries duo?

And you know why these two are also precious? Because it’s super important for dads to hang out with babies! Seriously! When you think of an infant, you think of a mother right next to it, and that’s not fair! Dads are amazing as well, plus babies are so happy when they get to spend time with their dads.

A baby’s physical and mental development gets significantly boosted when a dad has played with him from the start, compared to children whose fathers took a more hands-off approach. Also, fathers experience less stress and increased confidence when they have their own special time with their newborns. You know how moms worry? Well, dads are just the opposite! Strong father-child bonds will make a child much happier later, in adult life. Scientists have proven that men who had a good relationship with their fathers during childhood were found to be better equipped to handle stress. Also, kids who were close to their dads from an early age tend to be more successful academically and have better relationships in life.

And as a bonus, can you imagine any mom entering a farting competition? No way! That’s why dads rule! Yes, moms are better at some other things, but when it comes to farting competitions, dads are number one, don’t you agree?

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