Dad Convinces Daughter Retractable Convertible Roof Is Eating Her

May 17, 2018

Who doesn’t like convertibles? Being able to put the top down and enjoy the ride is such a joy. To be honest, I dream about having one of those convertibles myself! Driving with the wind in your hair, turning the stereo on highest and imagining you are a famous movie star is special experience by itself! I better stop imagining myself in it. I may get lost in my daydreams!

However, not everyone loves convertibles. Take this cute little girl from the video as an example. As the video begins, we can see the adorable little girl enjoying herself in the backseat of a convertible car. Suddenly, the top of the car starts closing. Oh no! What is happening? The little girl starts freaking out immediately! Scared, she is screaming from the top of her lungs. Is there somebody to help her? Anybody?

Before you jump to the conclusion that this adorable little girl is in a grave danger, just carefully rewatch the video. Give it a closer look. A-ha, her dad is pranking her! Does he have a stone instead of a heart, you might ask yourself? How can he let his girl be afraid? Sometimes adults are just as silly as kids or even more than them! And dads are well-known pranksters! He just can’t help himself! He laughs at the false danger his daughter thinks she’s facing. As the top of the car is closing, the dad starts laughing harder and harder. Can you believe that? But we are ready to forgive this dad because this video is simply hilarious!

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If you have a fantastic video of your dad, we want to see it! Just click on the upload button HERE. But, first, don’t forget to watch the hilarious video below.

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