Dad Daughter Duo Pull Fake Poop Practical Joke On Whole Family

March 22, 2018

This dynamite dad and daughter duo are downright devious! But hey, what’s a better way to bring the family together than with a classic prank? That was their thought process, anyways! So dad handed over the tube shaped brownie to the diaper-wearing toddler, and startled rolling the camera. She stuffed the brownie down the back of her diaper and headed down the hallway to her three big sister’s bedrooms.
These teens had NO idea what to think when their baby sister reached into her diaper and pulled that thing out!

She had the process down pat. First she knocked on their door, walked in and made small talk, and finally reached down her diaper and pulled the fake poo out and thrusted it towards her poor, unsuspecting sisters. Dad stood back and hid his laughter as he caught it all on tape. The interesting thing is, each sister reacted differently! The first one was stunned with shock, and slowly looked to her dad for an explanation. Then they moved farther down the hall another one of the sister’s screamed and slammed the door in their face! Slowly, she opened it back up and figured out what was really going on. But in the end, they had successfully pulled one over on the entire household!
This toddler is starting her pranking career young – I wonder what shenanigans she’ll be up to next!

Since the dad is the one with the camera and the plan here, you’d think he’s the mastermind of all this at first. But with how good this little tot is at acting, I think she’s actually the star of the show. What do you guys think?

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