Dad Gets Pantsed And Ends Up In Undies While Trying To Teach Baby Boy How To Walk

May 8, 2018

Some moments are just so great and unexpected, it’s hard to believe someone managed to capture them on video!

That’s exactly what happened here, when this woman filmed her husband teaching their baby boy how to walk. Adorable, yes? Well, it was in the beginning at least! Here’s how it worked. Dad took slow and deliberate steps forward, while their baby held on to the the back of his shorts and followed along. This successfully kept him upright and balanced! And while he wasn’t totally on his own, he was still taking his first steps. Say goodbye to the days of crawling!

The two of them had almost made it all the way across the living room, which most likely would’ve concluded the video and led to it being filed away as another heartwarming and memorable moment for this family. But what happens instead is what made this a stand out clip worthy of submitting to AFV in the first place. Because while he was still holding onto dad’s shorts, this little rugrat stumbled and lost his footing! But he didn’t just tumble down to the floor on his own, he took dad’s shorts right down with him!

That’s right, this baby just accidentally PANTSED HIS DAD! I’m still cracking up over this one. Most parents don’t have to worry about their kids pulling these kinds of pranks on them until they’re teenagers. I doubt when they were at the hospital delivering their son just a few months ago, that he was expecting to be caught on tape in his undies at the hand of his baby boy. Thanks for capturing this awesome moment mom, and thanks for sharing it with AFV!

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