Dad Perfectly Lip Syncs His Son’s Rambunctious Tirade

June 13, 2018

This video is actually really impressive. The dad in the driver’s seat is lip syncing along to his child’s adorable ramblings. I’m guessing the kid might have just had some sugar, because you can tell he has a lot of excess energy! We never actually see the kid, but we can hear every word he says from his child seat in the back of the car. And this dad deserves an Emmy for how good he is at lip syncing along with his kid. He barely misses a beat.

We’ve all been there before, when your kid has too much energy to deal with. Sometimes kids just can’t help themselves. Perhaps they just went shopping, perhaps they were playing on the playground. But for whatever reason this kid has a lot of energy and it’s exerting itself in his diatribe! He’s talking about chicken, he’s rambling about food, he’s talking nonsense, he’s screaming and shouting all at the same time! And yet his dad doesn’t miss a beat. His dad not only mouths along to all the words, he manages to act out all of the actions including the bursts of laughter. You can tell the two are related. Something tells me thirty some years ago, that dad was having an identical tirade!

What do you do to cope with your child throwing a hissy fit? Do you put them in the car seat to take them for a drive so they’ll hopefully nod off to sleep? Do you mouth along to the words that they’re saying like the dad in this video? We all have our own ways of coping with the ups and downs of being a parent. Some days are easier than others. This video showcases the more innocuous side of having a rambunctious kid. But I’ve also been on the other side of things, chasing my screaming child through a shopping mall playground, while all the other parents look at me like I was a monster. I would trade ten of those experiences for one of these lip sync videos!

As an adult, what you do if you have too much energy? Do you go to the gym or mow the lawn? Or does it just happen so rarely that you don’t even remember what you do when it happens? I’m pretty much in the latter category. In fact, when I have a lot of energy, it almost worries me that I’ve done something wrong. I’m like, “Why do I have so much zest for life today?!” I guess thus is the life of a parent. You have to learn to cope, just like the father in this video. If anything, let this hilarious video be a lesson on how to just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Do you have a video of you lip-syncing along to your child’s ramblings? Or just your child having an adorable spaz session? If so, send it to us HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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