Dad Plays Poopy Prank On Kids By Eating Brownies Out Of A Diaper

June 15, 2018

Dads’ pranks are either lame or the best. This one is the latter and it beats most of the pranks I’ve ever seen! You just have to check out this ultimate poop prank!

At the beginning of the video, you’ll see a brilliant jokester of a dad just who is getting ready to pull the ultimate dad prank during a family get together! He takes a handful of chocolate brownies and puts it in a baby diaper. Then he takes the diaper in a living room where all the family with lots of kids are having fun. He asks the kids if they are curious to see a baby’s poo. When they all gather around him, he opens the diaper, takes a chocolate “poop” and puts it in his mouth! OMG!

And the kids’ reaction is priceless! They start screaming in horror. One little girl even starts to cry. And I am talking about real tears. The whole family had to comfort her! Now, that’s how you pull a prank!

I can’t wait for the Halloween and April Fool’s Day to come so I can pull pranks and scares to my family members. But did you know that pranks have an interesting history?

No one is quite sure how April Fools’ Day started, though it is celebrated across the globe. Most believe the day, which is marked on April 1, has something to do with the changing of the seasons. We joke to celebrate the end of the dark days of winter and welcoming the warmer spring season.

Ancient Romans, Persians, and Hindus all celebrated the end of winter. Their celebrations included pranks, costumes, and masks. Some say that April Fool’s Day had something to do with a change in 1500 that moved New Year’s Day from the end of March to Jan. 1. The whole “fooling” thing was for those who continued to use the original calendar. In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII replaced the Julian calendar with the Gregorian, altering the start date of the new year. Some people refused to make the change, however, over time, people started making fun of those who didn’t observe the new start of the year.

The custom started to gain it’s today’s form in the 1700s when English pranksters popularized the tradition of April Fools by playing tricks on one on what was referred to as “All Fools’ Day.” Today, pranks are a part of our every day’s life. Just, maybe this dad went too far with them! What do you think?

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