Dad Pranks Young Son With Sneaky Bathroom Scale Trick

April 24, 2018

No one is better at pulling your leg than a dad. In fact, a key category of classic “dad jokes” is them teasing or tricking their kids about the silliest things! This dad is no different. When he saw his boy testing out the bathroom scale and flexing his muscles, he knew it was time to execute a classic dad prank. So he said “That’s pretty cool, can I see you do it again?” and the plan was officially in action.

He started out by standing close behind his son who was on the bathroom floor scale. He held his camera up over his head to catch this whole thing on video. First the boy weighed himself normally, and it clocked in at 89.9 pounds. He’s a little guy, that’s for sure! Then dad told him to “Show me your hulks muscles” and he flexed both of his arms as hard as he could…and the numbers on the scale rose up to 146! Do this little boy’s guns really weigh an extra 56 pounds?! He sure thinks so! Dad asks him “How are you doing that?” and he earnestly responds with “I don’t know!”

In reality, the scale rose because dad used the very tip of his shoe to step down on the back of the scale as soon as his son started flexing, but he never caught on! They repeat the same experiment again, and this time the scale rises all the way to 164.9 pounds! This kid stared up at his dad with such wonder and amazement, I don’t know how dad kept a straight face! Did your dad pull shenanigans like this when you were a kid? Tell us all about them in the comments below!

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