Dad Pulls Epic Prank When Friend In Trunk Startles Kids In Back Seat

May 14, 2018

This dad may be very proud of his son. But he sure shows it in a unique way.

Here’s a unique family dynamic. Here’s a father driving his two boys home from school. The one son received a Positive Behavior Referral from his teacher about exceptional behavior in school. The dad’s gonna tell the mom, everyone’s gonna celebrate! But first, he’s gotta drive the kids home. Not but a few yards from the school, we see what his real intent was that day. Another dude silently pops up from behind the boys in the backseat and then leans forward and screams, giving them the scare of their lives!

There are so many ways to startle your kids. They aren’t that hard to scare after all. Little kids are really gullible and they startle easily. Which is why this almost feels like overkill! It’s terrifying to watch, even as an innocent bystander. This father had his buddy hide in the trunk so he could grab those little kids like he’s a boogy monster! (Quick question, why isn’t the guy in the trunk at work?)

Lucky for everyone, these kids love being scared. Maybe it’s in their genes or something. Perhaps they’ve been trained to love a good startle after a lifetime filled with surprises from their dad. Either way, it takes a few moments, but they recognize the guy in the trunk (whoever he is) and start laughing their butts off. Something tells me they’ll keep getting positive behavior referrals so long as dad keeps them on their toes! Hats off to this family that loves to celebrate life’s achievements with a good scare!

Do you have a video where you scared the daylights out of someone? If so, send it to us HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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