Dad Trying To Fix Adorable Daughter’s Bad Hair Day Makes It…Worse

August 7, 2018

We’ve all been there before. Our hair just won’t do what we want. My hair’s length is basically a quarter inch, pretty much as short as it gets, and yet some days, I still look in the mirror and can’t get over how ‘wrong’ it all looks up there. How does hair that measures only a quarter inch manage to look so bad!? Do you ever look at your hair and feel like it’s controlled by a different entity than you, perhaps a demon? Either way, it’s an entity that’s intentionally trying to ruin your life! At the end of the day, a bad hair day is probably all in your head. Sure, your hair might not look as amazing as it normally does, but a stranger probably couldn’t tell the difference between a “bad hair day” and a “good hair day.” At least that’s the case most of the time. It’s safe to say, the little girl in this video might be experiencing the most epic bad hair day of all time.

The video opens on a dad getting his daughter ready for the day. She might be too young for school, but hey, hair still matters! His other little daughter, who’s off camera, acts as our narrator when she says “it’s just a bad hair day.” We can tell this daddy daughter duo have been struggling for a little while to get her hair to look just right. The little girl is as patient and easy going as they come, certainly making things a little easier for her dad. After a few beats, her father is finally able to get her hair in a scrunchie but can clearly tell it’s still too loose. The hair stays in its formation for a few seconds before suddenly, like a volcanic eruption, her hair explodes out of its confines. It springs forth from the scrunchie and splits right down the middle. That’s where the video ends, the dad’s defeated and we’re thrust headlong into an even greater bad hair day than before. 

Moments like that just make you glad she’s still only two or three years old. What I mean is, why not just let her go through her day with her hair split down the middle like that!? She won’t remember, there won’t be any need for therapy sessions to deal with the trauma of this in ten years. And everyone else who sees her will just think she’s having the cutest bad hair day of all time. Because if there’s one thing this little girl show us, it’s that bad hair days can still be endlessly adorable. 

Next time I’m having a bad hair day, I’m gonna think of this little girl and her daddy. I wish I had someone who tried to make my bad hair days go away as much as this dad. Usually whenever I wake up and it just doesn’t look right, that means it’s time for a new haircut, which I’m able to do myself because I’m cheap and my hair simply requires a buzz. Everyone at the office pretty much knows when it’s a bad hair day because I show up without any hair left!

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