Dad’s Joyride In Minnie Mouse Power Wheels Ends Upside Down

May 16, 2018

Frequently, dads are the ones who have to be strong and serious. They represent authority and, with mums by their side, work to turn their kids into healthy and responsible adults. However, every so often, they just seem to forget about their seriousness and turn into full-size comedians. The dad in this video decided to try out Minnie Mouse power wheels and failed big time while he was driving it! What a hilarious twist!

But we need to be careful while making judgments. It is possible the dad in this video wanted to see if he could go to work in a Minnie Mouse power wheels. And why is that a smart choice, you might ask? It’s eco – friendly! That’s right, this car doesn’t require a full tank of gas to work. It’s on batteries, and that’s for sure more sustainable way of transport than any other out there. Or, he just wanted to test it out before letting his child into it. Even a small vehicle like this can be dangerous, despite its innocent looks.

We don’t have to search for long to discover that dads are the best when they are goofy. For instance, dad in this video clearly loves his daughters. However, he is unwilling to show any of his dance moves. Totally like a Grinch, if you ask me. Somebody should have told him to move a bit and to reassure him nobody will laugh if he dances. And even if somebody cracks a smile, it certainly won’t be a big deal. Fun hides outside of our comfort zone. And all dads out there should know: we love you no matter what!

Do you love seeing hilarious dad videos? We sure do! If you have a video of your dad goofing around, don’t be afraid to upload it HERE. But first, don’t forget to watch the hilarious video below.

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