Daughter Films Older Mom Freaking Out On Gentle Rollercoaster

June 8, 2018

Would you take your mom on a rollercoaster ride if you knew she was super afraid of height and speed? Well, you would maybe spare your mom the unnecessary trauma, however, this girl wouldn’t!

A girl took her mom on the rollercoaster ride. But it’s obvious that mom dreads rollercoasters. So, the girl convinces her there are no drops on that particular rollercoaster. Oh, parents! They would believe everything their kids say. While they are slowly climbing, mom looks more and more worried, while the daughter can’t stop smiling. Yep, she knows what’s coming next for the poor mom. The daughter even tries to explain that going up doesn’t mean that there’s going to be a drop, but mom doesn’t believe her and asks if she is sure. LOL!

But when the rollercoaster starts rushing down, mom starts to scream on a turn just as it were a real drop! But this rollercoaster is not fast at all! It’s actually super slow, like a baby roller coaster. However, that doesn’t help the totally freaked-out mom, who’s screaming like crazy. You can see other people on it, calmly sitting in while the roller coaster is going down. However, the mom keeps screaming like crazy! It’s hilarious! You just have to see it!

Do you know your roller coaster fun facts? Here are some!

The fastest roller coaster is located in Abu Dhabi’s Formula One theme park and launches its riders to a top speed of 149 miles per hour. I am not sure how this hilarious mom would handle that! The tallest one is located here, in the US, in the Six Flags Great Adventure Park, New Jersey. It’s 465 feet tall! Now, that would be a drop of the century for this mom! Japan’s Nagashima Spa Land is home to the longest rollercoaster in the world. The name of this beast is Steel Dragon 2000 and it has a track which covers 8133 feet. That’s a lot of screaming.

The first roller coaster ever was built in 1904 in Lakemont Park, Pennsylvania. However, the first steel roller coaster was created in 1959. The Matterhorn bobsled roller coaster was built for Disneyland in California. But how do roller coasters work? Many conventional roller coasters do not have any sort of engines, instead, they work by converting potential energy into kinetic energy. That’s just pure physics!

And in the end, I have to mention the guy who spent the longest time on a roller coaster. Richard Rodriguez set the world record back in 2012 by riding the ‘Big One’ in Blackpool for 112 consecutive days. Yes, days!!!

Hopefully, this mom calmed down eventually, but I am sure she’ll never join her daughter on a roller coaster ever again! Hilarious!

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