Devious Parents Prank Tween Daughter Into Believing She’s Late For School

June 13, 2018

Sometimes, in the life of a parent, or anyone else for that matter, the day can get just a little bit boring. When that happens, you need to find a kid, devise a plan, and prank them. Be sure to prank them good, nice and real good. While a well done prank is one of life’s greatest joys, a badly executed prank is one of life’s greatest failures. It is a failure that sticks with you. Trust me, I should know, and I do know. I have learned that lesson too many times to count. And yet I will try anyway. 10, 11, 12? No, this will take too long. Just rest assured it is either a number higher than 40 and lower than 43, or a number higher than 87 and lower than 88. Have fun with that riddle.

I recall, in the days of my youth long, long ago, being awoken for school. It was never fun. Or, it was rarely fun. I can imagine in this case it was quite fun for the parents. That said, they were not technically waking her for school, simply for their own amusement. But is that perhaps why children go to school in the first place? No, that is for education. That is what they keep telling me, and I must keep reminding myself. This is not the place for such conspiracies. It never is. Not since…

Anyway, the parents seem to derive great joy from confusing their child, which I guess is a good thing. In the end, the girl goes back to sleep, and the parents probably leave and high-five over a couple of pints of ice cream. It is cold, but they make it work. Thankfully, their brains did not freeze at all when completing this genius prank! Truly genius, truly. If their brains did freeze they may have gotten caught up in the lie themselves, considering how great they are at acting. They may have dropped their daughter off at school, and then gotten ready for work, and then left for work, and then completed a full day of doing other people’s taxes (or another job, I just like to imagine this one), then come home. And all that just to realize that, when they get home, that they are running late for work! Then, do they not go to work, for their day is done? Or do they count this as overtime? It all gets very messy with HR, I assure you. Bureaucracy is a fickle beast, as I am sure I do not have to tell you, reader. Then the boss gets upset, and no one is happy.

So, overall it is a very good thing that the parents did not get confused by their own plot. It would have lead to many problems, and I am glad it simply lead to this hilarious video instead.

Have you ever pulled an awesome prank on someone? If so, upload it to us HERE! And do not forget to watch the hilarious video below!

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