Dirt Biking Mamma Gets HURLED When ATV Leaves Her Upside Down

June 1, 2018

It’s the end of an era. I’m sitting at my desk eating lemon loaf from Coffee Bean and watching the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean. That might be a slight exaggeration. Not the lemon loaf part. I’m definitely eating that. But the ocean. I’m close to it (in the Sawtelle neighborhood, close to Santa Monica, across from the super expensive David Barton Gym on Olympic) and can tell when the sun reaches its zenith peak, but can’t actually see it. Maybe that is because in all actually the sun does not rise in the west like my initial sentence seemed to indicate. The sun does set in the west, but they rise in the east. I should write that on the back on my hand as a reference guide to life. It would be better than most things I write on the back of my hand. Usually on the back of my hand are set lists for stand up comedy shows I’m about to perform or helpful pointers on how to tell the Sklar Brothers apart (Jason wears glasses, Randy does not. To remember that, but the word Glasses and the name Jason have an S in them. Now you are good to go).

But yes it is the end of an era. My last train ride from Pasadena all the way to Union Station, then transferring and walking many flights of stairs underground to get aboard the red (or purple) line and taking it to 7th Street Metro Center, then hopping aboard the Expo Line and getting off at the Expo/Bundy station. This morning was my last ride. Actually, I guess this evening will be. I need to get home, somehow.

While the proverbial journey to get “home” is something that truly lives inside each and every one of us, it’s all about how one gets there. By plane, car, jalopy or bus. Or, in this woman’s case, ATV. She thinks her four wheel dirt-flinger can get her up and over this embankment. But boy oh boy was she wrong! Check it out.

Do you have any funny clips of moms misbehaving? We want to see them! Upload them HERE! But first, watch this hilarious video below. After all, it’s why you clicked on the link!

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