DIY Christmas Tree Cutting Ends With Tree Toppling Toddler

June 12, 2018

The dad in this video wanted to have a family experience going out and cutting down their own Christmas tree! What a joy to find the tree yourself, and then use a small hacksaw to cut it down. It’s a much more intimate, hands on experience than just going to the store and picking out just any ole tree. With that said, the only downside of cutting down your own tree, is that it might end up toppling onto your child who just happens to be standing nearby! Don’t worry, the little girl is just fine. Probably because she’s so bundled up in her winter clothing that she could probably absorb ten falling trees with a yawn.

Fortunately for everyone involved, this dad is cutting down a tiny, baby Christmas tree. Let’s just say, this tree is not the size of tree you’re used to seeing in Rockefeller Center, that’s for sure. That’s probably why he wasn’t too concerned where his daughter was standing, because it toppled over with the weight of a small shrub. Nothing too crazy. Plus, the tree doesn’t exactly fall directly on his daughter, it kinda grazes her shoulder. Sure, the weight of the tree nonetheless topples her over. Sending her tumbling a little down the slope on which they’re cutting the tree. But that’s to be expected, kids that age fall over very easily. If it hadn’t been that tree, maybe she would’ve stumbled over a branch or a strong breeze would’ve shaken her balance. Although you can see a brief look of panic on the dad’s face when he sees the slow motion event unfolding before his eyes. The mom, who’s recording everything, can’t help but laugh her butt off after watching her little girl fall backwards. Parents have such dark senses of humor, don’t they?

With that said, to be fair, maybe this event was a little more traumatic for the little girl than for us! Let’s hope she doesn’t associate Christmas trees with getting knocked down. The rest of her days, she shutters every time she sees a “bully” Christmas tree on display, remembering the time one shoved her down. Imagine what that would be like. Christmas morning this little girl is seated at the dining room table, asking her mom to bring all her presents to her in the other room. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…” she’d probably say.

Alas, despite their initiate rocky relationship, we’re sure this little girl fell in the love with the majesty of this tree after it was decorated with tinsel and bright colored lights. Who wouldn’t? Christmas trees are the best. Man, it might only be June, but this video is already getting me into the holiday spirit!

Do you have a video of some Christmas cheer… that might have gone wrong? Anything with a Christmas tree decoration fail works for us too! If so, send it to us HERE! But first, do not forget to watch the amazing video below!

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