DIY Mad Scientists Blowing Things Up On Accident

November 28, 2018

Grab your safety goggles and get ready to laugh hard at these home scientists!  Science experiments don’t always go as planned when you’re making a “how to” video.  Here are the funniest DIY Mad Scientists blowing things up on accident!

Indoor experiments involving fire never seem to go smoothly.  Or eggs.  

A little flame can do a lot of damage, especially if you’ve got chemicals and gases lying around.  Watch these rookies totally blow their experiments on camera when their flames ignite a little higher than they calculated.  Science is predictable, if you get your numbers right, that is.  If you mess up your calculations, you might end up with a huge disaster on your hands!

Check out the funny brothers in the video who think they’ve changed the molecular makeup of an egg.  According to their results, when they drop the egg, it’s going to bounce instead of crack.  Hmm…

See what happens when they give it a go and drop the egg a foot above the counter.  You will LOL!

Future Einstein builds an epic domino effect experiment that actually works…and it’s awesome!

This genius little girl is headed straight to MIT!  Check out her amazing domino powered science experiment that circles all the way around the garage.  With one tap of a domino, the machine is off and running!  Using only toys and garage gadgets, she has brilliantly engineered an awesome choo choo train of objects powering each other.  This bright girl should be teaching the science class, not taking it!

The microwave is the perfect place for an unexpected home science experiment to take place.  We’ve all been there.  Forgetting that metal CANNOT go in the microwave.  Watch these kids blow up their parent’s microwaves on accident in these tragic kitchen fails.  LOL!

Do you have a hilarious video of a DIY science experiment gone wrong?  Share with us by uploading HERE


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