Dog Attempts To Dress Up Like Mom And Gets Stuck Inside Her Sleeve

June 14, 2018

The video starts off with a shape. A moving shape. But what is it? It undulates. It wiggles. It twists and turns. It jumps up and down. What the heck are we looking at exactly? “Get out!” shouts a woman. But who – or what – is she talking to? And get out of what? And then we get our answer. “He’s in the sleeve of my jacket” says mom, referring to her dog – and sure enough, we can now see a tail that’s wagging so hard it is about to fall off. How cute! Peer closer and you can now see the outline of a dog in the sleeve of her black jacket. And the dog’s head is just about peering out of the end of the sleeve while its tail wags from back out the other side. That’s where the video ends but we are guessing mom had to rescue the dog because there is no way it got out of there by itself.

But this great video does beg the bigger question; do dogs like wearing sweaters or any of the clothes humans give them? To test the waters, give them a little bandanna to swan around in and see how they take to it. If they like it, give ‘em some praise (you will need to be armed with treats to do this for the first time) and start leaving it on for longer periods of time. Once they’ve warmed up to something simple like that, you can put a sweater on him. It is easier, obviously, to get your puppy into clothes than an older dog who is more set in their ways, but it is not impossible either. In fact, a one-piece outfit can actually be a great tool for a dog who has recently had an operation because it makes a great replacement for those huge collars. With an outfit covering his stitches/operation area, he can’t lick or bite at them – but nor does he (or she) have to wear that huge collar which can be a pain to walk in. I’m assuming that, by the way, as I’ve never worn one of those collars myself.

But if your furry friend does not like clothing, then for the love of dog, don’t make them wear anything! Dogs can overheat very easily so make sure the clothing isn’t bulky or too heavy. These days, you can find some top fashions for dogs that will have your dog feeling like… well, like nothing because dogs don’t understand the concept of fashion and thus you are only dressing them up for YOUR pleasure, not theirs. Still, if you are going to dress your furry bestie up, measure them before you head to the store because you do not want to end up with clothing that is too big or too small. It’s a big business though as in 2011 alone, we spent $51 billion on our pets.

What funny things have you seen dogs do? Upload videos of them HERE! And don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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