Dog Ensnared In Hose Like It’s A Boa Constrictor

August 9, 2018

If there’s one thing a dog is good for, it’s accidentally endangering himself. What do you call that again? Mischief! Dogs really are like two year olds. The moment you turn your back, they somehow manage to get themselves on the roof, stuck in the chimney, they eat a pound of chocolate… or every once in a while you get lucky and they’re just taking a nap. But you get what I’m saying! They have a tendency to get themselves into trouble. And the dog in this video is certainly no exception.

Don’t ask me how, but this dog is so wrapped up in a garden hose there is absolutely no chance he could free himself. He is helplessly entangled. He couldn’t even chew his way free. He needs the intervention of his owner, who just happens to be holding the camera and laughing too hard at his dog to lend a hand just yet. It’s almost like it’s a Chinese finger trap (in hose form) that’s enveloped the dog’s body. I honestly don’t know how you’d go about getting that wrapped up in a hose. Where do you even begin? How do you manage to keep going once you’ve already gotten fifty percent tangled? At that point, you’d think movement would be restricted enough by the hose that you wouldn’t be able to keep going. Yet this dog…. appears to have kept going. Maybe it’s kinda like quick sand. They say if you ever find yourself in quick sand (admittedly, you probably won’t, I’m pretty sure it mostly exists in video games), you’re supposed to avoid excess movement and struggling. Lay flat on your back and try to ease your way out of the predicament. That’s advice a dog probably wouldn’t take very seriously.

How long do you think it took the owner to help his dog out of that mess? I’m guessing ten, maybe twenty minutes? Way longer than you’d like to spend on a Saturday afternoon helping your dog get untangled. Something tells me if the owner doesn’t tie that hose up, an hour later he’s going to come back outside to see his dog is tangled again. 

This is what dogs are good for though. They provide such fantastic levity to every situation. Whenever you come home from a bad day at work, all you’ve got to do is just glance over at your trusty dog to see he’s gnawing on his foot and suddenly you’ll realize life isn’t all that bad. Maybe our cameraman was having a tiresome day, mowing the yard, arguing with the kids, and suddenly he realizes his dog is sitting there, almost pretending like he’s not helplessly ensnarled in a garden hose. That’s right, an inanimate object has wrapped itself around him like a snake. Oh to be a dog!

Well, here’s hoping the owner tied up the hose and the dog went back on his merry way, probably chasing a squirrel around the backyard, his brush with the hose a distant memory by now. We salute you, adorable labrador!

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