Dog Hugs: Top 5 Ways Doggies Hug Friends

February 16, 2016

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Giving good hugs is a talent that goes unrecognized all too often. We have all had experiences of really solid, warm hugs and some not so great, wimpy hugs that aren’t really hugs at all! So in order to make the world a much better (and warmer) place, these canine hugging experts are ready to demonstrate Top 5 Dog Hugs! These dogs know that hugs must be catered to each individual and situation.
So, here are the best dog hugs!

These dog hugs are perfect for all situations ranging from ones to greet acquaintances, to ones that are perfect for saying hello to a good old friend. So watch closely and perhaps these expert tips will help you bring your hugs to a whole new level.

1. The Sly Hug: Perfect for nonchalantly showing that you care.

5 best ways to give a hug

2. The Drag In: When someone needs a hug and just doesn’t know it.

5 best ways to give a hug

3. The Slight Touch: To show solidarity with your pal.

5 best ways to give a hug

4. The Criss Cross: When your friendship is the strongest force in the world.

5 Best ways to give a hug

5. And last but not least, The Bear Hug: For those moments when actions speak louder than words.

5 best ways to give a hug
Want a step by step demonstration on how to do each of these hugs? Check out the entire video below for a complete break down for each hug.

These dogs have clearly mastered all five hugs, but dogs aren’t the only ones who know a thing or two about showing affection! In fact, some animals are so good at understanding and caring for one another, they are able to form strong bonds. CLICK HERE and see a big and dangerous kitty which loves hugs! Spoiler alert: it’s Canada Lynx and she is just adorable! Love and friendship know no bounds.

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