Dog Sets James Bond Puppy Trap

January 9, 2018


We all have those days when our siblings annoy us so much that we lock them out of the house or car or try to trap them somewhere so that you can get just a second of peace and quiet. We have to imagine that’s what this pup had in mind when he made a trap for his doggy sibling.  To be honest, we’re impressed with the timing and blind intuition that our trap laying friend pulled off on his sibling. Most dogs don’t know the best way to use a laundry basket!  Just look at the precision.
The little dog waits for his friend to get completely within range of the basket, BUT doesn’t pull the trigger too soon.

He waits a few moments before springing the trap and knocking the laundry basket over.  And look how proud of himself he is. He comes around the basket to ensure that the other little dog is trapped tail wagging the whole time with what can only be described as a smirk on tiny face.

To our eyes, the two dogs in the video appear to be Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (or possibly the English variant; the King Charles or King Toy Spaniel). For the most part, these dogs are known for being of average intelligence, but the trap master in this video appears to be in the upper echeleon for Spaniel smarts.
Cavalier Spaniels are known for being very friendly and playful. They’re a sporty breed that loves playing.

That said, a number of Cavalier Spaniels are more restful and make good lap dogs and therapy pets.  Hopefully, we’re never around this little guy when he decides to lay a “friendly” trap for us. Of course, who could get mad at such an adorable hunter.

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