Woman’s Dream Of Swimming With Dolphin’s Turns Into A Real Life Nightmare

March 5, 2018

Swimming with dolphins has always seemed like a total dream to me, right on par with riding a unicorn or sliding down a rainbow…except that it was actually possible, which made it all the cooler. I mean really, is there anything more majestic than frolicking in the sea with a couple of bottlenose cuties? As a kid I remember seeing pictures of people swimming with dolphins in travel brochures, and feeling positive they were the luckiest people alive. I hadn’t thought about swimming with dolphins for a while, but when I saw this video today, I was actually glad my childhood dream has never come true!
This dolphin was feelin’ frisky, and had his sights set on a poor, innocent tourist!

This nice woman visited a marine park while on vacation, set on spending some quality time with the local sea life. I don’t think she predicted that by sitting down at the edge of the floating dock, she was inviting a dolphin to jump up and pin her down though! At first she called out to the few bottlenose dolphins swimming near the dock, just wanting to say hi and maybe give them a pet. Unfortunately, one especially forward male dolphin took that as the sign he was waiting for to make his move on her.
Can you imagine this happening to you!? Total vacation ruiner!

Luckily, her big smile and laughs towards the camera give me the idea she was more amused than anything by the whole unfortunate situation. Personally, I would have been very freaked out! Luckily, he got the hint and fell back into the water eventually. Still, in the future I think I only plan on admiring the ocean’s wildlife from a safe distance.

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