Dorky Dads Actually Pulling Off Hilarious Epic Pranks

November 16, 2018

Dads can be totally dorky, but we still love them anyway!  Sometimes they make jokes and pull off pranks that are actually funny.  Watch these dorky dads actually pulling off hilarious epic pranks on their kids!

Next time you see a pile of stuffed animals on your bed, watch out!  Your dorky dad just might be hiding out waiting to scare the crap out of you!

Dorky dads think the dumbest things are funny.  Well, it seems dumb until everyone is laughing in your face after you are the victim of his prank!  Just like this little boy who casually walked into his room only to be terrified by his prankster dad hiding underneath his stuffed animals.  Never in a million years did this kid think he was walking into a scare prank!  Good thing mom was ready with the camera to record his freakout moment!

Creampie tricks never get old!  Just ask this dorky dad in the video who doesn’t hesitate for a second before smashing the pie in his son’s face.  Sometimes sticking to the simple pranks is the best way to get a good laugh from the whole fam.  Especially when it’s caught on video!

Never underestimate your dorky dad or you might end up with a bucket of water dumped on your head!

Believe it or not, dorky dads can play it cool sometimes.  Especially if it’s all part of their giant pranking scheme.  Watch this funny dad totally act like nothing is going on as he persuades his son to open the bathroom door.  What his son doesn’t realize is that there’s a giant bucket of water teetering on top of the bathroom door.  Not suspecting a thing, his son opens the door and BAM!  The bucket of water comes tumbling down on his head and leaves him totally soaked!  Mom laughs behind the camera hysterically while her son is in total shock!  LOL!

Do you have a funny video of your dorky dad pulling off an epic prank?  Share with us by uploading HERE


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