Double-jointed Boy Gives Himself Wedgie

February 1, 2018

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a circus act quite like this. This kid must be a glutton for punishment. It’s certainly not how I’d want to spend my holiday.
This miraculous double-jointed boy is training for his circus debut by entertaining his family members. Show us what you’ve got kid!

His siblings are playing around him when he runs across the camera. The first thing I noticed was that something wasn’t quite right about his arm. Is it broken?? No! He must be double-jointed! Double-jointedness, or hypermobility, is simply the phenomenon when joints stretch farther than normal. It can affect one or more joints throughout the body and allows people to do everything from bending their thumbs backward to pulling their leg behind their head. In this kid’s case, he can stretch his arm all the way back around to his back.
What a contortionist! But wait… Is he… IS HE GIVING HIMSELF A WEDGIE? No kid! Use your powers for good, not evil!

Personally, I’d rather see a contortion act that wasn’t inspired by my middle school bullies. But he seems to be okay with it. I guess it’s safer to be your own bully than to let someone do it for you.

And that’s not all he can do with his double-jointed shoulders. He then reaches to scratch his back. He’ll never need a back scratcher, that’s for sure. He also attempts to give himself a massage. I love a good massage but if I never had to pay for one again, that would be fantastic. Not to mention I’d feel safer getting a massage from someone I trust, and there’s no one I trust more than myself. But I guess if I were giving myself wedgie, I might trust myself a little less…

Are you double-jointed in any way? Upload HERE.


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