Driving Baby Falls Asleep Behind Wheel With Face On The Horn

May 14, 2018

You think driving is easy? Think again! It’s super exhausting, which is why this little baby boy fell asleep while driving his toy car!

All kids love toy cars! They make them feel all grown up. Driving a car like mom and dad is really special! That’s the case with this little fella, only he is not the most responsible driver, to be honest. He actually fell asleep with his face on the horn. And I am not talking about dozing off for a minute or two. He fell asleep for real, although he’s not letting go the steering wheel. LOL!

Awww… This is sooo cute! He must have been driving for hours and hours, so he decided to take a little nap. Someone should let this little one know that sleeping behind the wheel is forbidden! Even if you are driving a toy car! But don’t break the news to him just yet… Let him wake up first.

This video proves one these every parent knows. A kid will fall asleep ANYWHERE but in his own bed! The minute you put him in bed, he’ll wake up. That’s parenting 101! This is one area where kids and seniors are so similar. They can nap standing up, sitting down, laying on the floor, and in this hilarious case, driving a toy car. There’s nothing that can interfere with their nap time. They don’t mind bright light, loud noises, people walking, and talking around them…

But in the evening, when it’s an actual bedtime, the horror begins! It’s like they turn on super senses, so everything bothers them. As you gently walk on your toes, you ask yourself, where’s that kid who fell asleep in the middle of the wedding ceremony, with a live band playing right next to his head… LOL!

Does your kid sleep in funny places? We’d love to see that! Share your funny videos HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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