Einstein Dog Takes Matters Into His Own Paws To Get What He Wants

August 8, 2018

If I had to describe my dog in one word, it would be “lazy.”  I’m sure many of you dog owners out there can relate having a pup who would rather sleep on the floor than take proactive action to get up on a chair, for example.  Most dogs, even if they would rather be on the couch or sitting in a chair like a human, will just take it easy and lay down wherever because it’s easier.  

Not this dog!  This amazing pup has his eye on the chair and doesn’t hesitate for a moment to take action toward getting up there.  I’ve literally never seen a dog use his tail to do anything productive!  This genius dog understands something critical that most dogs never will:  he has a tail that can be useful.  

This smarty pants dog hooks his tail around the chair and drags it over to the rolling chair.  He then uses the sturdy chair as a stair stepper to hop up on the soft, cushioned rolling chair where he would rather take a nap.  And voila!  He plops down on the soft chair like a king in his castle!  


For Attack

Lots of furry creatures use their tails to defend themselves, but others actually use their tails to attack.  Let’s take the scorpion, for example.  You don’t want to get caught in their front pinchers!

For Holding On To Stuff

Fun jungle fact:  Did you know that monkeys have tails but apes don’t?  A monkey’s tail is basically another arm called a prehensile tail that can be used to swing from branches and hold on to food.

To Fly

It’s not only their wings that allow birds to soar through the sky.  Their tails that are made of up feathers, called rectrices, that help stabilize and control while their tail acts as a rudder to help them steer.  

To Woo Their Mates

Peacocks, for example, use their beautiful tails to attract a mate.  Did you know that every single peacock’s tail is uniquely different, just like a snowflake?

To Swat Away Pesty Insects

Animals with long, fluffy tails, like cows, horses, and zebras, use their giant tails to swat flies and other annoying bugs away.

To Escape Their Predators

Tails can be REALLY useful for animals who don’t want to be eaten for breakfast.  Rattlesnakes shake it up, and make what?  A rattling noise to scare off their predators.   Some lizards have tails that will fall off so they can get away even if they get trapped.  Three-banded armadillos can squeeze their head and tail together like a jigsaw puzzle and roll into an armored ball.

To Swim Through Water

Fish and marine mammals need their tails to swim.  A fish’s tail swivels side to side while a mammal’s tail moves up and down. This allows them to propel themselves out of the water when they need air.

To Balance

Your kitty cat is the perfect example of a furball who uses its tail for balance.  Squirrels join cats in this category, as both animals are amazing at navigating perilous terrain.

To Talk To Each Other

This is where dogs and cats come in.  Cats display emotions with their tails like fear, excitement, and irritation.  Dogs not only communicate with other dogs with their tails, but they also use them to show happiness and friendliness. 

Although it seems that nature gave animals tails to use them, dogs usually only wag when you get home from work or when they want a treat.  This genius dog is on another level and has figured out exactly how to use his tail to get what he wants!

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