Entire Family Falls From Roof Causing Homemade Avalanche

January 29, 2018

Maybe I’m just a wimp, but this clip totally made me shutter. It also made me very glad I’m sitting securely in an office chair in sunny Los Angeles, where the temperature is currently a whopping 81 degrees Fahrenheit. But enough about me, I’m way more interested in talking about the crazy family who sent in this video.
What kind of family’s idea of wintertime fun is falling off the top of a roof together?!

The five of them (six counting the videographer) appear to be spending some quality time at a cozy log cabin in the woods, right after a major snow storm has passed through town. But why oh why are they not inside by the fireplace, perhaps drinking hot cocoa and completing a nice puzzle together!? Some people are just born with a wild streak, I guess.

So instead they decided to bundle up from head to toe and climb up to the top of the steep, slanted cabin roof – which is piled high with snow. The trees around them give a nice perspective to just how high up they are. When they cautiously scoot their butts forward a couple of times and they feel the snow shift behind them. They hold still, and everything seems to calm back down.
Then out of nowhere a giant avalanche of snow falls from the roof – and takes the entire family down with it!

Luckily, this seems to have been the fluffy cotton candy sort of snow, and all five of these daredevils plopped down safely to the ground, unharmed except for some possibly bruised butts. They laid in the snow to catch their breath, and I bet doing a puzzle didn’t sound too bad to them right about then! Don’t worry guys, I’ll get the hot cocoa ready.

Has your family ever pulled off any group stunts like this? Upload them here!


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