$100,000 Show, Dog Park, and Dudes Doing Splits VS Ants

January 16, 2015

Season: 25 | Episode: 11 | Air Date: 01/18/15

On this week’s $100,000 episode, ten hilarious finalists battle for the prize money. They include “Road Rage Rascal,” a young boy exhibits a hilarious form of road rage when his toy ATV gets stuck on a curb; “Kids Caught Kissing,” two little kids encouraged to kiss by their scheming cousins get caught by an unhappy mom; “Crappy Car for Christmas,” parents play a practical joke on their teen daughter by giving her a beat-up car for Christmas, before revealing a new one; “Babysitter Breaks Heart,” a little boy is heartbroken when he learns his beloved babysitter is getting married; “Remote Control Chew Toy,” a guilty dog refuses to look at his owner when she asks who chewed up the remote control; “The Invisible Rope Ruse,” two teen boys confuse passing cars when they pretend to pull an invisible rope across a street; “Pasta Prank,” a woman with a piece of spaghetti on her forehead is fooled into thinking it is a worm; “Back Seat Bathroom,” a family road trip takes an unpleasant turn when a little boy accidentally spills the contents of the cup he relieved himself in; “Centipede Surprise,” a toddler reacts with awe when her dad to swallow her plastic centipede; “Someone Needs a Nap,” a boy wise beyond his years tells his sobbing sister she could use a nap on “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” SUNDAY, JANUARY 18 (7:00-8:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

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