This Week One Finalist Will Win $100,000 On AFV

May 10, 2014

Season: 24 | Episode: 21 | Air Date: 5/11/14

In this season’s second $100,000 show, ten prizewinning finalists battle it out for the big money. They include “Smiley Face Faller,” featuring a woman who falls and can’t get up when wearing a big smiley face costume to help advertise a store; “Coconut Candy Killer,” a little boy is given a piece of coconut chocolate and is so disgusted he spits it out and shoots it with his toy gun; “Straw Sipping Struggles,” with a groggy woman just out of surgery trying to take a sip out of a straw but failing miserably on judging the distance from her lips; “Language Barrier Bride,” featuring a civil wedding ceremony with a bride not fully understanding all of the questions being asked because of the language barrier leading to hilarious results; “Hawaiian Nuptial Nuisance,” in which an oblivious sunbather drops his robe and goes swimming right behind a couple’s romantic beach wedding ceremony“Billy Goat Groan,”  where a goat gobbles and spits over a fence at the woman talking to it; “Mail Slot Menace,” featuring an aggressive cat ready to do battle with the mailman as he tries to get the mail through the slot in the door; “Babysitter’s Botched Break,” in which a grandmother is excited that she has finally gotten her two granddaughters to fall asleep and just as she is ready to celebrate one starts crying; “Shouldn’t Smarthmouth Santa,” featuring a boy who smartmouths Santa and then realizes he probably won’t  be getting any presents this Christmas because Santa can hear everything on America’s Funniest Home Videos, SUNDAY, May 11, 7/6c on the ABC Television Network.

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