Excited Baby Goat Jumping All Over the Place

April 19, 2016

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Some creatures seem to know how to enjoy life from the day one. Just take a look at this excited baby goat jumping all over the place just a day after its birth! This adorable, free-spirited little guy and his lust for life are so infectious that you will be immediately overwhelmed with optimism and joyfulness. Just scroll down and enjoy it!
A Happy Farm Gets Even Happier with This Excited Baby Goat Jumping All Over

This beautiful, happy farm got an adorable new addition to the family! Meet the super cute baby goat who at just one day old has already started to leap his way into our hearts. This cute little goat must have been born with an extra dose of energy because just one day after being born, he’s already bouncing around the yard, leaping from one corner to the next before even learning how to walk! It seems that this adorably excited baby goat jumping all over the place is his way of showing that he is in too much of a hurry to go places and see the world to be slowed down by walking.

But, while this newborn is galloping around the yard, his mom sticks around close by to keep an eye on him. It’s a good thing that mama goat is close by because while this kid may think that he’s ready to take on the world, he still has a while before he’s completely mastered the use of his legs. But because this baby goat learns to leap before he walks, we’re sure he’ll get the hang of it very soon!


For a baby that’s only one day old, he’s off to a great start at life, even if he doesn’t quite have the walking skill mastered just yet. But this little goat isn’t the only one having an amazing “first time in life” experience. Just take a look at this adorable little penguin HERE and his “first time ever” swimming.

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