Exhausted But Committed Little Boy Snoozes Upright On Toy Fire Truck

August 6, 2018

No one refutes that the life of a young kid can be exhausting. Sure, it sounds easy. They wake up in the morning, play with their toys until lunch. Maybe the TV is on in the background. It’s possible they go on a playdate with a friend or to the playground. Then, in the afternoon, they play with their toys some more. Perhaps they watch a few more shows on television. Followed by a robust nap, free dinner, maybe some dessert (if they’ve been good), more TV and off to bed to start it all over again. Sounds pretty good, especially as I write this from the prison that I call an office! But remember, their tiny bodies and muscles don’t have the stamina we’re used to. So even though their day is pretty much fun and joy from start to finish, they get tired. So tired, in fact, that sometimes they can’t help but just fall asleep exactly where they are, even if that means while sitting up on a toy fire truck.

This video is a perfect case study of how tired a little child can become. It opens with a little boy sleeping while sitting on top of his toy fire truck. We can assume he’s had quite a day because he’s pretty soundly asleep. Why do I say that? Because he seems completely unfazed that the truck is still blinking its lights and blasting its horn. All the while, this little guy snoozes away. Every few seconds or so, his head grows too heavy and starts to dip over. But don’t worry, he catches himself, corrects his posture again and continues snoozing upright on the truck. What can I say, playing on a toy truck is pretty important stuff! It’s so adorable to see a kid whose subconscious is so committed to playing on a truck like that, it will continue making him go through the motions even when he’s asleep. 

When was the last time you fell asleep sitting up? Some days I daydream about getting a few seconds of shut eye while waiting at a stoplight. But I hate getting honked at, so I never actually do it, which is probably a good thing. Other than that, I can’t even sleep on planes! In order to be sleepy enough to sleep upright, I must’ve gotten two hours of sleep in the last four days. Although I have a new trick. If I’m ever gonna sleep on a plane, I have gotten used to putting down the tray table and placing my head on that as a pillow! You ever tried that before? It sounds horrifyingly uncomfortable, and admittedly it’s not great! But it’s a little better than sleeping upright, I’ll say that much. Usually I fold my arms under my head so my head isn’t resting directly on the filthy plastic. 

Anyway, here’s hoping this little guy got the nap he needed. So he can wake up rested and continue playing “fireman” on his toy truck. We need more courageous kids like that!

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