Expectant Mom Twerks In Labor At Hospital

December 20, 2017


This mom is so darling! Or is she? LOL. That’s gonna be a matter of opinion, but you always have to hand it to moms who are about to give birth. I mean, even if they’re laying in the bed in the hospital, they’re doing amazing things! But this mom takes it to a new level of strength! It’s definitely one way to keep your mood up in the hospital.
The music starts bumping and in a hospital gown and all, this pregnant lady starts bumping her hips, jammin’ to the groove.

Frankly, you can’t stop her and it’s quite a sight! She’s about to pop. I feel like I heard one time a way to loosen things up when you’re in labor is to dance. To me, that makes sense! It seems like such anerve-wracking time, that dancing may be a good idea. My mood always improves when I’m dancing! I say, “Dance more, think less.”
When she gets really into it, she even “Drops It Like It’s Hot!” She may as well be at a dance club. This mom twerks the stress away.

Depending on the woman, there are certain strategies they use to calm themselves or “set the mood” during labor. Some women prefer listening to calming music while others love upbeat music like hip-hop! The way this mom twerks in the hospital is a proof of that!

Doctors say pelvic presses and tailbone presses especially help to get things moving, so this lady is on her way to having a baby, that’s for her sure! Who knew those moves she picked up in high school would assist her in receiving the greatest gift, a child?

The only problem with droppin’ it down low is she may not be able to get back up! Having a 7-9lb baby in there makes it almost impossible to be balanced as a human. Women sure are amazing, if I do say so myself! Even though it is hard, this mom twerks for the win!

This is really amazing! Who does not love to twerk?

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