Expecting Dad Practices Diaper Changing On Unsuspecting Chihuahua

June 12, 2018

It’s nerve-wracking preparing to become a dad. So in anticipation it’s common to read up, or go to classes, or possibly do what this guy did. Figuring he needed something about the size of a baby to practice changing diapers he grabbed the next closest thing, his pet chihuahua. And he was only about a couple pounds off with chihuahuas weighing about 2 pounds with newborn babies coming in at about 7. But the 5 pound difference quickly becomes apparent as the chihuahua’s tiny legs clearly weren’t made to support a diaper. Nonetheless the dog seems to be a good sport for all of it. Part of that could be some of the good belly rubs that come his way during the process or perhaps it just enjoys playing along. You have to give credit to the diaper because it does an impressive job holding down a tail that can’t otherwise be stopped. It does however take a couple tries to seal around that small of a body before our puppy friend gets to take a few steps in it’s new duds. While it maybe isn’t most professional or artistic comparison I can’t help but see a half coated corndog because of how much comically bigger that diaper is than that dog.

There’s a couple notable things to this video. First being how rare it is to have a dog that would allow this. I’ve been fortunate to have two dogs in my life, a black lab and a terrier, neither of which would allow this. You have to imagine that if this chihuahua’s buddies saw him it would be a rough couple of days at the water cooler. I know my dogs would definitely tease him for this. That said size is definitely a factor, a chihuahua simply doesn’t have the bargaining power of a great dane or even a tabby cat. Maybe the dog is putting this in his favor bank, and when dinnertime rolls around he’ll cash in and get a few extra kibbles.

The second thing we have to discuss is whether this guy is onto something. Anyone who’s ever scooped a dog poop in their entire life knows how miserable it is. It sure would be nice if there was a cloth bag that caught the poop instead of you. It certainly wasn’t the most striking fashion statement on this chihuahua, but I’m a big believer in the idea that it’s not dumb if it works. The only thing is that the margin for error on changing a day’s dirty diaper is small to say the least, a spaz out could be the downfall of a carpet. All in all you have to give credit to both of these trailblazers, dog and owner. And you have to feel good for that baby who at least in the poop department is in good hands.

Have you guys ever put clothes on your dog? If so show us how it went and upload it HERE. And don’t forget to check out this hilarious video below.

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