Summer Bucket List Item: Face Your Fears

July 25, 2017

Are you ready for your next summer bucket list challenge? Okay, well you asked for it!

Next bucket list challenge: Face Your Fears! That’s right. We dare you to face your fears. The time to conquer, vanquish, and crush your biggest fears is NOW.

So what fear will you be facing? Are you deathly afraid of creepy, crawly creatures? So are a lot of people. Check out this man who is hilariously scared of a spider. Like really, REALLY scared.
Could he help you face your fears?

We guess not. He seems to have a deadly fear of spiders and even though this was a traumatic experience for him, for us it was hilarious. It can be really scary to see a spider in your house, but this guy is taking it to a whole new level. The way he screams and panics is simply hilarious. You will not be able to stop laughing. Hopefully, he will work out this phobia in the future, or we can expect more videos like this. It wouldn’t be too bad to see him in action again.
Get ready for the funniest reaction ever!

Phobias can be a serious thing, and sometimes they are developed during your lifetime while sometimes they are passed down. According to new research, phobias may be memories passed down through generations in DNA. Even though phobias can be pretty scary, and are not something to laugh about, you will not stop laughing while watching this. His reaction is priceless.

This clip wasn’t very inspirational. If anything, it probably aggravated your arachnophobia. But, have no fear, AFV is here! Check out this video of a bulldog finding an adorable solution for his fears. You’ll love it!

How are you conquering your fears this summer? Send us your triumphs (and failures) HERE!


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