Fail Compilation: Jumps Gone Very Wrong

February 29, 2016

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Brace yourself, it is time for another fail compilation! Yup, we have a special treat for all of you who love good old fail videos. In this comp, you’ll see people who haven’t quite mastered the fine art of jumping! You wonder how hard it can be for a person to jump? Well, according to these jumping masters, it is all but easy! We dare you not to laugh! We double dare you!
This fail compilation is excellent for all of you who need some brightening up! Watch it, ASAP!

While some people have accidents during the gym class, workout sessions, or in some other jumping-friendly environment, the folks from our video failed while trying to perform stunts that even Hollywood professionals wouldn’t be able to do. This involves trampolines, hurdles, seesaws, parkour, beach equipment, and in-store mattresses. Yup, all that in one fail compilation. No wonder we couldn’t help but laugh so hard! We bet you will, too!
Oh, how fun it is to watch other people failing at a simple thing like jumping, don’t you think?

You might have mixed feelings about these ‘athletes’. You know, being both amused and sorry for your fellow human. If you think you are the only one who loves seeing other people embarrassing themselves, you are very wrong. Humans can’t help but laugh once they see a good fail. So, if this fail compilation of jumps gone wrong wasn’t enough for you, CLICK HERE and see a bunch of Back To School Fails! You have to agree that school isn’t the funniest place on Earth, but still, it can be quite hilarious! Just look at our video and see for yourself!

Have your own hilarious fail recorded on a video? Or some other funny video you want the world to see? Upload it HERE. We can’t wait to share it!


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