Fairytale Comes to Life With Jonna Jinton From Sweden

June 30, 2016

What you are about to see seems like a scene from a movie. It will take your breath away. We still cannot get over the fact how beautiful this is. The scenery is amazing, the only sound you hear is from a lady who seems to be a Disney princess, and the ring of the cowbells. It is completely mesmerizing.
Apparently Disney princesses do exist after all! Check out this video of a woman calling out to cows in song.

We’ve all seen Disney movies with princesses who can communicate with animals through song, but did you ever expect one to exist in real life? This enchanting video from Sweden proves that fairy tales can come true after all. In the video, a woman uses an ancient Swedish herding call to get the attention of a herd of cows grazing nearby. As soon as the cows hear the sound of her voice, they begin walking towards her. Although the call is very ancient, it seems that they still know how to react to it. The scenery is gorgeous, and watching the cows become intrigued by the woman’s call is truly magical. Take a look for yourself!
The amazing lady from the video is Jonna Jinton.

Jonna Jinton was born in 1989 in Sweden. She lived a rather normal life in the city, but there was something she longed for. She dreamed of peace, silence, fresh air, breathtaking sunsets, lakes and millions of stars. When she turned 21 she moved to a place with 11 inhabitants where she now has everything she ever wanted. Away from traffic lights, shopping malls and noise, she went to a cabin in a forest where she feels free. Free to live, to dream, to create…

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