Fat Cat Gets Stuck In Door Of Child’s Play Kitchen

June 5, 2018

I guess this is definitive proof that it’s time for that cat to go on a diet!

Here’s a little girl who’s playing with her toy kitchenette. The whole toy set is pretty elaborate. There are burners, a sink with faucet, even an oven with cat stick in the door. “Wait, what?” you ask. That’s right, there’s a cat stuck in the toy kitchen this little girl is playing with. He tried to walk through the small round hole of the fake oven and got stuck. Now the little girl doesn’t know what to make fake cupcakes if a cat is stuck in the oven door. She doesn’t quite understand why the cat isn’t wiggling his way out of there. She keeps trying to encourage him, even gently closing the door on him a few times. It’s not helping, this cat is genuinely stuck. Eventually the daddy, who’s filming everything, comes to the rescue. Presumably he’ll figure out how to get the cat unstuck without having to call the fire department with the jaws of life.

We never quite see the conclusion where the cat becomes free but it’s inevitable. How does a cat go about gaining so much weight he can no longer sneak through doorways? Cats are such limber animals, it’s hard to fathom. I guess his owners are gonna have to cut back on his wet food for a while, no more snacking on birds when he’s outside too. Outside is now just for potty. Because I would imagine when cats go outside they just want to hunt for rodents and eat them. It’s like a little snack after every meal. Well, no more for this chubby little guy. They gotta get him back into regular cat shape so he isn’t getting stuck in children’s play sets anymore.

I guess seeing a fat cat is more normal than seeing a really chubby dog. Although come to think of it, have you ever seen a fat tiger? You’d think there would be at least one or two ferocious tigers in the wilderness that, despite how hard life is out there, they still manage to hunt and eat a ton and get super fat as a result. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chubby lion before. I think I’ve seen chubby alligators before, but that’s just because they’re hunting machines. And in places like Florida, where the meals are ample, they just eat and lounge in the sun. Come to think of it, that actually sounds kind of fun. Maybe I’ll be reincarnated as an alligator in my next life! Either as an alligator or someone’s pet cat. I wouldn’t mind sleeping and eating wet food so much that it makes it impossible to navigate through children’s play sets. Sounds good to me!

Do you have a video of your child playing with the family pet? Or that pet stuck somewhere they shouldn’t be? If so, send it to us HERE! But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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