Feisty Feline Swats Pacifier Directly Out of Toddler’s Mouth

February 5, 2018

Everyone knows not to poke bears, perhaps we should start extending that same courtesy to cats. Don’t get me wrong: our feline friends are dependably affectionate… until they aren’t.
This little girl pushed the boundaries of one cat’s personal space. The cat responded with a line in the sand.

Toddlers are inquisitive by nature. Their world is one of pure wonderment and exploration.
“What’s this?” → “Should I touch it?” → “I’m touching it.” → “It feels weird.” → “Can I put it in my mouth?” → “It’s in my mouth.” This is their standard operating procedure.

That modus operandi doesn’t always gel with the kitty kind. Cats just happen to be particular creatures, they like what they like the way they like it (don’t we all know someone like that). If you veer into their lane, they’re gonna let you know.

After the toddler prods the cat one too many times, her pacifier is knocked clean out of her mouth like LeBron James rejecting a basket.
The curious tot reaches repeatedly for the cat, which reacts with a series of defensive paw swats to keep the little girl at bay. When she doesn’t get the message, the cat decides it’s time to fire a shot…

With a lightning quick open-claw’d slap, the pacifier is propelled to the floor, surprising the little girl. We don’t know for certain if a lesson was learned, but no one got hurt, so we feel okay laughing about it. Then again, there could be a lot of germs on that thing!

Fun Fact: some doctors recommend weaning children off a pacifier after 6 months of age, yet many children continue to use a pacifier until ages 2-4. Not so Fun Fact: breaking the habit can be agony for parents.

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