Ferocious Puppy Frightened By Thunderous Fart

May 16, 2018

The small puppy in this video is thinks he is a ferocious warrior taking down his squeaky toys. As he plays he wanders around the room attacking different toys until he grabs an orange bone that makes squeaky noises. His owner encourages him to go get the toys. The little dog shakes his head violently and tries to make his toys know that he is the best. But he was not prepared for the monster fart that his owner makes.

So, after watching this little dog run away from a fart in fear, we laughed. But also, why are farts funny? Even the word fart is funny. It is just a humorous word to say. We tried to look it up a few times. However, we could not find many thoughts or studies on why farts are funny. As one article we did find said, “the fart has not given up its mystery.” That said, one bit of reading we did mentioned that it might be something we can’t control because it is almost instinctual.

It’s about your kind of mammalian, primal hind brain responding to something. Also, the bodily function is different from other kinds of humor like pain humor. It also might be that humans enjoy laughing at themselves. Partly because if you produce a fart, or we suppose a burp, in public it strips away any seriousness or whatever costume of control that people try to maintain when they enter public spaces. There’s something about breaking that illusion of control that makes things funny. Anything that destroys the idea that we are full of decorum when we truly aren’t will always be funny. Thus farts.

Do you have funny videos featuring dogs, farts or both? Share with us. Upload HERE. But first, don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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