Fluffiest Cat Helplessly Stuck In Non Stick Pan

February 7, 2019

Non stick pans are usually good for one thing: nothing gets stuck on them. Well, tell that to this cat. This video is very straight forward. We’ve got a cat sitting in a pan in the kitchen. You know how cats like to sit pretty much anywhere they want? I’ve seen our cat sitting in the sink, on top of the bookshelf, in an empty water bowl, under the sink. Even when the seat doesn’t look comfortable, that doesn’t deter them! I think what I find most adorable about this video is that these owners aren’t bothered at all that their cat is sitting in their cookware. I guess you can always wash it when he gets up. And he does eventually succeed in getting up but not after some struggling. Either way, get ready to be overwhelmed with cuteness watching the fluffiest cat helplessly stuck in non stick pan!

Part of me is rooting for him to get out. The other part never wants it to end!

In case you’re still wondering how this went down. How does a cat really get stuck in a pan? It’s all because of the way the cat is sitting. You know how cats tend to lounge around? That could mean leaning slightly on their back making it difficult to get up again. That’s what happened here. Needless to say, it’s not like this cat is literally stuck to the metal of the pan. He’s positioned in such a way that his legs are dangling in the air and he’s too lazy to reposition. Therefore, he keeps flailing around helplessly and making no progress towards his ultimate goal of getting up.

How cute is it watching him flail his legs helplessly before giving up?!

I guess to be fair this pan seems more like a wok. Which is a lot deeper than a regular pan. But the fact remains, if this cat wasn’t so lazy, he would’ve gotten up a lot faster. I guess that’s the beauty of being a cat. You can be lazy all day long because that’s what you’re supposed to do. Can you imagine how good that would feel as a human? Pretty much every afternoon, I want to take a nap. I want to lay down and spend at least an hour sleeping. But societally speaking, that makes me a lazy jerk. I’m not allowed to do that. I’m supposed to be working, making money, providing for my family. Boring! I just wanna sleep! That’s when I’m happiest. How amazing would it be to suddenly have permission to sleep all day? I’m telling you, if I get reincarnated, I’m coming back as a cat.

Rest assured this little feline eventually gets out. Which is cathartic to see. Maybe they had to make dinner anyway. But feel free to rewind the video as much as you’d like. Watching a cat struggle like this is almost too cute for words. Do you also have a video of your cat being record-breakingly lazy?! Send it HERE!

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