Exploring Love-Hate Relationships With Food

July 31, 2017

Baby Loves Macaroni And Cheese!

When it comes to food, we all have different love-hate relationships with food and certain meals. Firstly, we have the foods we LOVE (maybe a little too much). And, you betcha, this little baby Abigail has one of those. This baby really loves macaroni and cheese! We can all agree that mac n’ cheese is one of the best childhood meals and Abigail brings forth the energy towards this lusciously cheesy meal that we still do to this day. She dances and grabs for the beauty that is pasta coated in creamy cheese.


Time To Start Exploring Love-Hate Relationships With Food

On the flip side, we have some foods that we wish did not exist. We try to like them and try to give them a shot but, sometimes, they are just not in tune with our tastebuds. The buds are sensitive! This little boy exemplifies us at every place that sells wings: trying our best to get through the spice but still dumfounded every time the spice attacks. Can you remember the first time you felt spice overcome you?! It is the first time this toddler boy tries hot sauce and he is taken aback! He is taken aback to the point where the force of impact on his tastebuds throws him back in his seat. We can all feel for this adorable lil’ guy that, sometimes, some tastes are just not for us. Check out this next example of our various relationships with food!

Lastly, we have the middle-ground between the two experiences when we like a food group cause you were told to as a youngin.’ Milk falls into that health category. You are told to constantly drink it when you are growing up. It is funny how the mind works because you drink it to the point where you actually start liking it. Clearly, these babies transitioned into the position of enjoying milk to the point where they experience a milk overload! These babies are completely milk drunk!

All in all, food is beautiful and it provides us all with many hilarious opinions and stories. We would love to see your hysterical interactions with food so click HERE and bless us with your videos!

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